samedi, octobre 29, 2011

Big fish?

Well... I caught a pretty strange fish, and it's no more than a men-eater creature!!!
What am I gonna do with this?  \'(Ö 0 Ô)'/   Look at this breast beast!!

Oh but.... NO WORRY! I just heard it was an innocent and vegan siren from Anthromon's Laboratory! 
But who is this mad scientist? *drums*
Anthromon is a Belgian BJD-creator, most of his dolls are made in a furry-sexy style, with funky and cartoon colors.
I'm in love with his dolls since a while now, and I recently had the opportunity to work on one of them, his last (but not least) creation, the green siren.

It was a great pleasure to work on this doll, so I give a great THANKS to Anthromon!!!
The Ladyfish already found an owner, she will soon be gone at her new home. >_<

With her wig (customised too of course!)

You will find more pics of her on my Deviant Art board.
Thanks for visiting! ^_^

4 commentaires :

  1. Wouaaaaaa The custo qui tue !!!

    Elle est juste superbe

  2. Ohhh, c'est beauuuu *___*
    J'aime beaucoup!

  3. J'avoue ne pas vraiment apprécier le moule de base. Les sirènes, c'est pas mon trip...sauf en sashimi, oui. C'est différent... Ceci dit, je reconnais que cette doll est superbe en Darkdojy style. Groaaa oui :)